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Plumbing & Drain Services

LP HOME PLUMBING & DRAIN CLEANING, LLC offers a variety of plumbing services in Frederick, MD. You can count on our local plumbing company to clear clogged drains and repair burst pipes quickly and efficiently. We'll go over any plumbing issues you're having and give you repair or replacement recommendations. We can also install new faucets and shower heads.

Keep your plumbing in top-notch condition. Make an appointment for residential plumbing services today. We're always available to help. 


Drain Services


If you're tired of dealing with clogged drains, turn to us. LP HOME PLUMBING & DRAIN CLEANING, LLC offers drain cleaning services in Frederick, MD.

You should schedule drain cleaning services if you notice:

  • Water pooling in your shower, tub or sink

  • It takes longer than usual for your tub to drain

  • There's a foul odor coming from your drain

  • Your toilet has started overflowing

Arrange for drain cleaning services today.


Sump Pumps & Sewage Pumps


Your sump pump does a lot of work getting water where it needs to go. Which is why it's important to make sure it's always working properly. Luckily, LP HOME PLUMBING & DRAIN CLEANING, LLC offers sump pump repair services in Frederick, MD.


If you run into any issues with your sump pump, contact us right away. Make waste removal a breeze with a sewage pump

Got waste transport problems? Your new sewage pump installation will:

  • Keep water and waste flowing smoothly out of your home

  • Prevent waste buildup that could damage your septic tank

  • Transport waste from lower-level bathrooms

Discuss your sewage pump installation with a member of our staff today. We also offer sewage pump repair services.

Plumbing Repairs & Installation


Prevent water damage and get your plumbing in top-notch condition with expert plumbing repair services. LP HOME PLUMBING & DRAIN CLEANING, LLC has years of experience working with electric water heaters and burst pipes in Frederick, MD. We also do rough-in plumbing work. You can rely on our plumber to get your pipes flowing properly again in no time.


Leave your plumbing repairs to the pros.

Update your old house with all new plumbing

Update your old house with all new plumbing


When you hire us for plumbing installation services, you can count on our crew to install:


    Faucets and sinks

    Showers and bathtubs

    Toilets and bidets


A new shower or sink can make a great addition to your home. We can also do the plumbing for home additions.


Garage Disposals


Your garbage disposal is an important feature of your kitchen. If it's no longer working properly, give us a call. LP HOME PLUMBING & DRAIN CLEANING, LLC offers garbage disposal repair services in Frederick, MD. We can make the fix if your switch isn't working or your disposal is making load, unusual noises. You can count on us to find the problem with your disposal and get it repaired right away.

Tired of calling about disposal problems?

If your disposal is constantly breaking down, it may be time to replace your garbage disposal. Luckily, we offer garbage disposal replacement services. We'll come to your property and inspect your disposal, to decide if a repair or replacement is the best way to go.

Replace your old garbage disposal today. Contact us to make an appointment.

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